Home Inspection Prices

Home Inspections prices in the Houston Area very slightly depending on the size of the house and a few other items. Please call me for specific price.
Mike Cope

Here is a general Idea of pricing for single family dwelling Houses.

!Cash Only! Add $25 for Check or Credit Card

$400 Cash – Minimum up to 2,000 SQ.FT.

Add 10 cents per square foot over 2,000 SQ.FT.

Over 30 Years Old Add – $50

Over 50 Years Old Add – $100

CRAWL SPACE Add – $100

Sprinkler system Inspection – Free.

Well Inspection – Free. 

Visual Pool inspection – Free. Recommend Pool Company for Operational Inspection.

Visual Septic system Inspection – Free. Recommend Licensed Septic Company for Operational inspection.

Cash Only Pricing

* Add $25 for Check or Credit Card

For a Termite Inspection or (WDI) for Wood Destroying Insect inspection
An Appointment with a Texas Licensed WDI inspector can be arranged.
In most cases the WDI inspection can be done at the same time as the Home Inspection